Superhero Status Achieved

Since my diagnosis first with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (a genetic degenerative neuromuscular disease) and then with tongue cancer (also a genetic thing), I’ve often joked that I’m like one of the X-Men.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marvel’s X-Men, they can best be described as humans with genetic changes that give them a variety of super powers. They’re referred to as mutants. Mystique can shape-shift, Magneto can control ferromagnetic material with his mind, and Storm can conjure up weather events out of nowhere. There are many other mutants but you get the idea. Each of their powers helps them through life challenges.

My first cosplay in 2016. Unsurprisingly, a mutant.

Today I was making the same old joke about having the mutations without the powers, when I realized I do have super powers! I can’t read minds or shoot adamantium claws out of my hands, this is true. But I can adapt and survive and thrive.

I, like the phoenix of lore, have the ability to burst into flames and fall to ashes on the ground, only to rise again better and stronger than before. My superpowers are adaptation and growth. My superpowers are empathy and compassion for myself and others despite the trials I’ve faced.

My super power is being me.

Published by Stef G.

30-something former Critical Care RN, divorced single mom, tongue cancer survivor and empath who is constantly striving to be better than she was yesterday.

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